• Handmade Quality
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Free return
  • Handmade Quality
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Free return

Lunch Fold

Have you ever been bothered by an empty lunchbox taking up valuable space in your bag or backpack? Did this maybe bother you enough to prevent you from packing lunch at all? Or did it maybe lead to using options like clingfilm or a paper bag even though it meant producing waste and having your sandwich squished?

The Folding Lunchbox by Lunch Fold was designed to solve this issue. Its simple folding mechanism allows you to turn the lunchbox into a compact and flat item that doesn’t take up more space than absolutely necessary – be it in your bag or in your kitchen.

On top of that, it is made from eco-friendly materials and produced by students in Europe.

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The Folding Lunchbox

The sustainable folding lunchbox that helps you save space.

  • Simple folding mechanism
  • Sturdy lunchbox when folded
  • Compact and flat item when unfolded
  • Designed and made by students in Europe
  • Made from eco-friendly materials

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