• Handmade Quality
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Free return
  • Handmade Quality
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Free return

About us

Hello! Hola! Hei! Hallo!

We are a team of students from Spain, Finland, Germany, and the Netherlands that was brought together by Creative Minds. Our initial ambition was to design an eco-friendly and practical product for other students. All of us brought our own unique skills and experiences to the table. As a team we faced challenges, struggled and worked hard together to create a great product.

This is our story and the origin of Lunch Fold.

Meet the Team


Production and Design Hero | Netherlands


Production and Design Sidekick | Netherlands


Marketing Mastermind | Spain


Social Media Fairy | Finnland


Webdesign Witch | Germany

Our Journey


Lunch Fold was born under a different name during the Creative Minds workshop in Berlin in late November 2021.

There we started our creative adventure together and tried to come up with a food-related product idea that was meant for students.

Our idea: A folding lunchbox!


We met again in Barcelona during our second Creative Minds workshop, where we explored different eco-friendly materials and digital fabrication methods.

By the end of this workshop, after solving the big challenge of creating a functional and simple folding mechanism, we held the first prototype in our hands.


After Barcelona we split up and continued to work on the product remotely. Production and marketing happened until we met up for our final workshop in Helsinki.


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